I Feel Weird

This has been a favorite band of mine since 2003. Singer Jack suffers (or maybe suffered) from anxiety. I loved them before I knew of the anxiety. I tried to find an article regarding the subect, but failed; I'll keep looking. However, back in 2007 or 8, I emailed Jack (back before they got too pretentious to accept emails) and we chatted a bit about our anxiety. I wish I still had the emails (see two posts prior regarding the fact I am delete-happy). I remember it was on myspace that we emailed, but I deleted my account because myspace sucks.

While this band has gotten a little too popular for my taste, I still love them (I am so in love with this band). Trampoline is an album about his anxiety, especially the song "I Feel Weird". It also deals with the death of Jack's sister and cousin, 9/11 and a break up; I believe Jack dated Scarlett Johannson. The album is deep. The new self titled album took me a bit to get into. It would probably mean more to me if I knew what it was written about. I tried to email regarding the s/t'ed album, but like I said - they are too good for emails now. Or maybe I'm just being a baby.

Lyrics: "I Feel Weird"

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