A job? What is that?

I worry.... no, I - - wonder - - what it's going to be like Tuesday when I start my new job. My new job is a work at home position. I'm sure everyone in the world would be happy to work at home (and I am, don't get me wrong). It's a blessing in disguise, this job opportunity. I don't think I am capable of going out and working in the "real world"; my anxiety is too unexpected and too unpredictable.

This is a big change and isn't a cure, but it's a start and it will definitely help. High expectations follow. I have no excuses as to why I would quit my job (not that I'm going to). I'm working from home (I'm IN my safe zone, right?)! So yes..... I worry.

Music: Steel Train's "I Feel Weird"

Revise // Orientation was great and I'm super excited! This job is through a major company, it's stable with growth opportunity and I feel very positive about it!

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