Childhood Fears (Flying)

When I was 14, I ran away from home. I went to my mom's brother's house, flying from Arizona to Missouri. I could go on and on the reasons, but it isn't important to anyone because that issue has been resolved years and years ago. I remember being scared to go on a plane, since it was my first plane ride. Things only have to happen once for me to hold a mean grudge. In this instance, it was a plane ride. The plane from Phoenix to some major city in Missouri was okay. I got seated right behind the pilot. What was that suppose to help with? Anyway, it was the small 6 seater plane I had to take in order to get to the next airport. Let's put it all together now: 6 seater, night time, storming, major turbulence, everyone crying, nervous pilots..... all I could think about was the story of Richie Valens; however, we made it.

This began my fear of flying.

I went one ONE more plane ride, May of 2007 from Knoxville to Arizona, to visit my parents with my husband. I was pretty scared the entire time, but got some nice shots from the air. Plus I was proud to have gotten through it, but I will never get on a plane again. It's just too much work and not worth it.

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