Childhood Fears - Looking Back (Penicillin)

Fast forward to middle school. This was when I had an allergic reaction to penicillin. For some reason I needed an antibiotic. A couple days after taking the medicine, I developed itchy hives. I thought it was from playing outside in the grass. A day or so later, my entire body became sore. I couldn't move any of my joints. Finally my parents took me to the emergency room. My mom had to change the clothes on me and dress me; every movement I made was painful.

The ER thought I had some sort of Valley Fever. They didn't know what was wrong. "Hello? Check to see if I'm allergic to an antibiotic that I just started taking!" Had I been OCD back then and realized it, I could have figured it out for myself. For a week or two later, I had to take about 40 steroids to counteract the reaction to the penicillin. I felt like a real life baseball player.

I had to walk on crutches for about a week and it was pretty embarrassing trying to explain why, since I had no visible cast for people to see. I never wanted to take an antibiotic again.

99% sure this is where 50% of my fear of taking medication comes from.

"It's the goals in your mind that you left behind.
From the glass is a crutch on the path to always losing touch.
If you blur it just enough you might see what you want.
Now the dirt from the yard blew away so far.
Growing more each day 'til we saw it became a mountain range.
And I just stared and blinked, wishing I could change."

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